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Which Wolf Do You Feed?

Your boss is scared.

That's why they micromanage (fear of losing control).

That's why they dictate instead of collaborate (fear of failure).

That's why they require planing and predicting over observing and responding (fear of unsuccessfully mitigating risks).

And who can blame them? Pressure to achieve success is at an all time high...

Unfortunately, the disadvantage is that their relationships are strained.

You feel angry and triggered, too; constantly defending yourself against the whims of fear-based leadership. You may even feel bullied (like I did at one point).

Good news: you don't need to wait for your boss to change or start hunting for a new job yet...There's a simple and powerful perspective that can help.

Picture this: Assume the role of a documentarian crafting a documentary about your boss relationship.

  1. Curiosity Mode: Pose questions to your boss about their priorities, work style, and major pain points.
  2. Self-Reflection: Delve into your values and zones of genius & excellence.
  3. Observation Time: Become an objective observer in pursuit of the truth.

When you approach your relationship from this documentary standpoint, the triggers start to lose their edge. It's like choosing which wolf to feed in the story (catch the tale here if you haven't: ). If you feed the wolf of fear, that's only going to amplify your manager's fear.

Lights, camera, observe. Then email me with your discoveries, and let's decode the next steps together.

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