Manage Up Coaching

The Managing Upside

I've learned a lot about managing up in my career.

Initially, I did it rather well...intuitively, even.

But over time, I've seen the incredible impact it can have on both my professional growth and the success of my team when I took this critical skill for granted.

Managing up isn't about manipulating or pleasing your boss.

It's about understanding their needs, communication style, and priorities, and aligning your work to support them.

When I didn't manage up well, I found myself constantly frustrated, feeling like my efforts weren't recognized or valued.

It was a tough lesson, but it taught me the importance of proactive communication and building a strong working relationship with my boss.

If you're struggling with managing up, start by observing your boss's behavior and communication preferences.

Then, tailor your approach to match theirs in a way that still feels authentic to YOU!

Be proactive in seeking feedback and clarifying expectations.

And remember, managing up isn't just about making your boss happy—it's about creating a mutually beneficial relationship that supports BOTH of your goals.

If it's not working out, don't be afraid to have an honest conversation about how you can better support each other.

Sometimes, the best outcome is a natural dissolution of the relationship, and that's ok. That allows you or your boss to move on and creates the opportunity to explore your options with more space, clarity, and energy.

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