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How You Treat Others Has Everything To Do With You

I was working with a brilliant leader recently.

She's been having difficulty with a co-worker (let's call the co-worker "Z") without feeling manipulated, constantly on guard, and trying not to get thrown under the bus.

It turns out that many people have struggled to get along with Z.

And leadership seems reluctant to do much about it. insight came up that changed everything.

Because Z shows up with the same with all of their peers, this brilliant leader realized that Z's behavior isn't about her.

That doesn't mean that Z's behavior can be ignored.

But with that insight, she now has the power to take Z's behavior less personally!

My leader friend can show up more fully, confidently, and let Z's B.S. flow off her more easily.

Of course, she won't allow Z to treat her however she wants.

She'll be clearer in her expectations, demonstrate more immunity to Z's fear-based ways, do the work that's important to get done, set and honor boundaries, and perhaps even advocate for more leadership support.

This brilliant leader is an absolute powerhouse, shining so bright that she will uplift and inspire some and repel others who can't handle her light.

Of course, there was a second insight to all of this...

How this brilliant leader shows up has nothing to do with others either; how she shows up has everything to do with who she's being, too!

How you treat others has everything to do with you...

So ask yourself, how do YOU want to show up as a leader?

Because it has nothing to do with anyone else – it has everything to do with you.

And if you show up brilliant, wise, powerful, vulnerable, confident, passionate, and compassionate – it may not have anything to do with anyone – but it certainly has the power to positively influence and inspire the hell out of others.

Go forth and show up as the best leader you can'll be amazed by the results.

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