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I ended up hiring Tommy as my coach, after interviewing at least 10 other coaches and he was hands down the most professional, inspiring, creative and articulate coach I ever worked with…I have become more patient, I don't jump to conclusions anymore, I don't seem to get angry or ticked off easily anymore…I just trust myself that in the long run, I will be happy no matter what happens. I know I have the skills and the capabilities to be happy no matter the outcome.

~Alex E.

Before working together, I often didn’t feel confident my decisions...I now view my decisions as movements toward progress and if things don’t go the way that I hoped or planned, I don’t see it as a mistake.

~Christie A.

Before I started working with Tommy I was feeling confused and lacked confidence about certain aspects of my business. Tommy listened deeply, asked thoughtful questions, and helped me shift my energy and perspective in a way that left me feeling empowered and optimistic about the future. Each session I came away with some great ideas to move my life and my business forward, but more importantly, Tommy helped me unleash the energy and confidence to turn my ideas into action and results! I am a more resilient person and entrepreneur because of my work with Tommy.

~Sean R.

Each session with Tommy Acierno is the best investment I can make on myself. Each hour with Tommy propels me light years forward on my personal growth journey. Tommy helps me to set challenging goals, overcome my fears, and execute my dreams. He is quick to connect, poke my limiting assumptions, and help me open up to ambitious possibilities. Tommy’s coaching is spot on, compassionate and very high-energy. I am very grateful for all the results I’m seeing in all aspects of my life as a result of working with such a brilliant coach!

~Bia Y.

After coaching with Tommy, I am better able to tackle conversations about topics that I’m stressed about or situations in which I feel triggered. My satisfaction at work has improved because of the quality of my interactions and my professional interpersonal relationships are a lot more enjoyable!

~Tati T.

Working with Tommy has been such an eye opening experience! Through his methods & experience he was able to make a huge impact on my mindset and the way I respond to external events. I am now more mindful and aware of the level of consciousness in which I operate from. And, this new level of awareness has given me the ability to show up as a CEO of my own company from a different head space. Tommy is truly a blessing and a delight to work with, his vibrant energy can be felt through the screen! I would recommend anyone who is looking for long lasting change to work with him!

~Mariana T.

Tommy...quickly provided a digestible perspective on tough problems, as well as issues that could be solved when he pushed me to move past my own stubborn roadblocks. He challenged me deeply, but always with a safe kindness that encouraged me to keep working. He made me realize that I am a more powerful person than I gave myself credit for, and am in control of the way I react to experiences of varying difficulties...If you are considering working with him, don't hesitate: you'll never, ever regret it.

~Michelle W.

The techniques he taught me for handling stress and maintaining balance were not limited to the workplace, and in just three short months of meeting with Tommy, I saw improvement in every aspect of life. In a corporate environment where every investment has to be justified, Tommy was able to prove the unquantifiable value of employee well-being through his skilled coaching. Tommy is one-of-a-kind...

~Joy D.

My perspective on work / life balance and ability to better manage it all has been forever altered thanks to these empowering sessions. I couldn't recommend coaching sessions with Tommy any higher, on a score of 1-5, I give Tommy a 10 stars rating! Absolutely life changing!!

~Helen K.

I loved working with Tommy! He not only brought fantastic energy to each session, but helped me to find ways to draw on that energy and apply it to my learnings, my homeFUN, and my life! His Unlimited Coaching package was exactly what I needed to quickly address issues I was having with expressing myself verbally and in writing. He helped me overcome several limiting beliefs, including perfectionism! I learned more from our sessions than I ever expected.

~Wendy C.

Before working with Tommy, I struggled to stand up or consider my own value when it's what I believed to be my worth. Often talking myself out of what I deserve and truly want from life. After working with Tommy, I discovered I am worth more and deserve what I desire. I found the ability to control my “what if monster” and leverage that internal voice to allow myself to see beyond my limitations. Tommy has a gift with his approach that empowers you to [go] through your own perceived barriers and helps guide you to reach beyond your own to take hold of your true self.

~Jason C.

I knew he was a great coach. I felt so lucky to experience his coaching magic and had so many "aha" moments. I loved how he always let me speak as I'm a verbal processor -- and can always work out my own stuff if someone holds the space for me. He always knew the exact right question to ask at the exact right time. As a coach myself, I was not only able to have some get breakthroughs, but will use what I have learned with my own clients. Tommy is amazing!

~Carrie S.

Tommy is an amazingly insightful, intuitive and exceptional coach. While watching him coach and teach, I immediately resonated with him. He helped me navigate complexities with his keen intellect, generous heart, and remarkable wisdom. He conveyed his insights in an articulate, inspired manner. His written summaries after after each coaching session were so helpful and encouraging. They gave me the opportunity to further reflect and take action. They still do!! I am so happy to have had this opportunity to work with Tommy.

~Peta C.

…Tommy went above and beyond to deliver. He helped me gain focus and build action plans that aligned with my values, passions, and sense of purpose through creative and thought provoking processes. Most notable was his ability to help me get out of my own way by asking empowering questions and moving me through a discovery process that enabled me to know what I aspire to create as the short-term and long term narrative of my life. Going on step further, Tommy helped me deconstruct my narrative into achievable and actionable objectives. He really catered to my learning style, frequently sharing inspiration, resources, and gifts. I was lucky enough to have access to him via email and text in between our sessions, which was incredibly helpful during so much uncertainty. Tommy really went above and beyond!

~Joanna R.

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