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Managing Up is Super Human

Did you know Managing Up has a Super Human Score of 8.63?

Ben Meer, who created the score, nailed it when he called managing up an underrated skill – totally agree!

His clever strategy, Friday Highlights, caught my attention. You sync up with your manager every Friday via email. Simple, right?

Here's why I'm all in:

1. Organize Your Impact: It's a great move to structure your thoughts on your impact.

2. Simplify Your Manager's Life: Imagine making your manager's life easier while keeping them in the loop. Friday Highlights does just that.

3. Consistency and Accountability: Two keys to success. This strategy delivers both. Consistency and accountability – check!

But here's how I'd expand this approach:

A. Calm and Centered: Before drafting your Friday Highlight, get in the zone and feel centered. It's a gift you're giving – treat it that way.

B. Celebrate Your Wins: As you list your accomplishments, take a moment to celebrate. A smile, a mental pat on the back, or 15 seconds of deep breathing – you've earned it!

C. Align Big Tasks with Genius: When outlining your big tasks, ask, "Do these align with my zones of excellence or genius?" If not, tweak them until they do.

To learn about Friday Highlights, check out

Try it out, and let me know how it transforms your week!

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