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Feeling Stuck with your Boss

Solstice means "still sun."

During a solstice, the sun rises and falls in the same respective location on the horizon for multiple days.

In a sense, it looks like the sun is stuck!

Your partnership with your boss (or bosses) may feel the same: stuck.

First of all, the solstice teaches us that this is totally natural.

There are times in all our lives when something feels unchanged and stagnant.

Recognize that it's natural and consider that you don't need to change anything for a moment.

Because change will happen anyway; change is inevitable.

But you have a tremendous power to shake the stillness and get things moving again.

It starts with empathy.

You boss and leadership are a projection of their learned experiences – we all are.

Everything that I, you, and you boss think and believe are the result of all our personal experiences (and how we've processed those experiences).

What we all think and believe are completely normal given all the circumstances that have led to this moment. The sun is where it is in the sky right now because of all the Universe's forces that have led to this moment.

With that perspective comes understanding and compassion.

Yet, you have another superpower.

You have a direct effect on the energy of others.

Think about it: when you're with someone who exudes positivity, joy, passion, and enthusiasm, how do you feel? Uplifted, right?

Just like when there's more sunlight for longer periods of time during the day, things naturally feel warmer, more energized, and alive.

It works both ways, when you're hanging out with "Debbie Downer" how do you feel? Dragged down, I imagine.

This superpower to bring others up (or down) is entirely in your control.

You have everything you need to be a source of light.

Wade through and unearth the passion, enthusiasm, creativity, excellence, and genius within yourself.

It's there; it's always there. It's only a question of whether or not you're tapped into it.

And when you show up with more power, more "sunlight," it will naturally start to shift your relationships.

People that are attracted to your light will deepen their connection with you.

Those who are repulsed will naturally start to fade away.

So are you going to remain stuck (which is 100% natural, of course) or are you going to shine more of your inner light (which is your true superpower)?

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