Manage Up Coaching

What are six signs that it's time to manage up with your boss more?

  1. Your boss seems to be making reactive decisions that are fear-based, rather than proactive, informed, and conscious (and perhaps you're doing the same).
  2. You're being assigned tasks that don't excite you and are well outside your zones of excellence and genius.
  3. You're not looking forward to 1:1s with your boss anymore (or you're not having regular 1:1s with your boss at all).
  4. Decisions that you were once empowered to make have shifted to your boss.
  5. You're defaulting to your boss's directives and not constructively challenging their decisions.
  6. The relationship doesn't feel like a two-way street anymore (read more).

If you're experiencing one or all of these things, it's time to explore what opportunities are in front of you that are ripe for change.

Because we do our best work when we're focusing on our zones of excellence and genius, collaborating with leaders in a productive, mutually beneficial way, and when we're *all* making more proactive, informed, and conscious decisions.

So what's the first step?

Recognize that the opportunity to manage up is here and now (and it always is, by the way).

And then ask yourself: what is one small thing regarding your work and your dynamic with your boss that, if changed, would make you feel more fulfilled?

Got it? Cool.

Now, with that answer, what can you do to make that small change?

Go for the low-hanging fruit here. Some examples may include one of the following:

I'm curious to hear more from you:

What are other signs that I missed?

What are more "low-hanging fruits" that you can do to more powerfully manage up?

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