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Everything Makes Sense

Whether you believe it or not, everything makes sense.

It does...everything is a result of the cosmic phenomenon called "cause and effect."

Absolutely everything that you're experiencing in your work, in your relationships (professional and personal) is the result of an infinite series of causes and effects.

How your boss is showing up makes sense.

How YOU are showing up makes sense.

That doesn't mean that what they are (or are not doing) is ok, or right, or optimal.

But it does have a clear path that makes perfect sense if you study it.

When you embody this level of truth, often, a profound shift occurs.

You begin to take others (and even yourself) much less personally.

You perceive what's really going on more accurately, completely, and holistically.

There's no need to blame anyone or anything. As I like to say, "if you point the finger of blame long enough or far enough, eventually, you get to the beginning of creation itself."

Allow yourself to perceive and embody this deeper truth that everything makes sense.

When you do, you'll have a clearer mind, a more open heart, and a passionate spirit that will *know* what to do next.

It's from this point of view that you unlock solutions, tap into creativity, and turbo-charge innovation.

You have a real opportunity to partner with your boss and, indeed, everyone in your life to activate the powerful leader you have within.

And in doing so, you create the best work you've ever done in your life.

But as Levar Burton wisely told us, "You don't have to take my word for it..."

Take this perspective out for a test drive yourself, come back, and tell me how it went.

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