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Start Small and Rebuild

I recently had COVID.

During isolation, I focused on resting, crocheting (yes, I crochet), and watching some TV. I felt incredibly fortunate to have the space to recover in this way.

Amidst all that rest, though, my exercise routine stopped.

No running, no lifting, and very little walking.

Long before falling ill, I committed to exercising.

You see, I was stressed; very stressed. And it was all rooted in my work.

I had gained almost 20 pounds throughout the height of my stress.

I thought that removing myself from that environment would help, and it did, but it didn't reflect in my body.

If I wanted to change – if I wanted to reclaim my health – I had work to do.

So, I tracked my food.

I created a workout routine that had me running three times a week and weight lifting three times a week.

After three months, all 20 pounds came off.

I felt elated. I reclaimed my health!

And then I got sick.

But it didn't bother me, and here's why...

I knew that I could rebuild my routine, and I have.

I'm going slowly, running much shorter distances for shorter periods of time.

Lifting lighter weights for fewer reps.

But I'm enjoying the buildup back to my peak.

So, what's the point of this long-winded story?

You can change yourself and your situation right now, every day, little by little.

And if you fall – if something happens and you have to start over – you know that you can do it again, even better and stronger than before because you've already done it!

If you know that getting better at managing up would help you, start small, and start today — enjoy the process.

Lead up. Lead your organization's leadership team.

It can be tough, because you probably have your own team to lead in addition to managing up.

But build your skillset now, and you'll create a legacy (because you'll inspire other leaders) and a resilience that will last the rest of your career!

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