Manage Up Coaching

How To Get Promoted

I had no business being successful at Google...

I worked there from 2006 to 2012 thanks to the the acquisition of SketchUp. When you compared my resume to 99% of the other "Googlers" it was a joke.

Yet I grew.

I was promoted twice; the second time was my first people-manager role.

This happened for two reasons:

1. I was INSPIRED by the brilliant and talented people around me; not intimidated. They helped bring out the best in me.

2. I managed up well. I built strong mutually–supportive relationships with my managers.

This recipe for success followed me for years. But when I *didn't* follow it, what happened? I was laid off.

So here's my advice to you...

A. Seek out teams, organizations, companies, or industries that are filled with brilliant and talented people that inspire you. Check your ego at the door and allow their genius to help bring out YOUR genius.

B. Be the creator of your relationship with your manager. Don't let it happen on autopilot (unconsciously). Be proactive. Connect. Trust. And be honest about what you need to be successful.

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