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Manage Up By Mentoring Up

Leadership evolution, simplified: it starts with a surprising twist – 'managing up' isn't just about your boss.

Shift the game with this unexpected strategy – managing up through mentorship.

Because you don't have to "manage up" only when you have a difficult boss.

There are other reasons to do so—here's a great example.

Let's say that people are approaching you for advice and mentorship.

You can't spend too much time doing it, but you like being asked, and you like helping.

But then something happens. You spend this time mentoring, supporting, and leading others...but who's mentoring, supporting, and leading YOU?

Managing up also looks like asking for help from inspiring mentors above you.

But who do you ask?

Well, who do you know that's doing an amazing job leading their team, creating a collaborative and creative culture, while also delivering on expectations and hitting those tricky financial targets and goals?

You might have to think hard...these kinds of leaders are a bit like unicorns; tricky to find.

But I guarantee you they're out there. They're likely in your org.

Then take a page out of the books of the people that reached out YOU and send a similar request to this leader that you'd love to collaborate with.

Now, it doesn't have to be an "official" mentor/mentee relationship. Even having lunch or an afternoon coffee or tea once a quarter could make a huge difference.

YOU are an inspiring and great leader. Make sure that you spend time connecting with those who inspire you, who could help elevate you as a leader.

Manage up by mentoring up.

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