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Exploring Your Ideals: Part 3

When it comes to relationships, nothing seems more capable of bringing you up to the highest levels of your potential or deflating your energy into stagnation.

Of course, there is one other thing: the human mind.

And that's one of the most important and deepest qualities of relationships – they are a reflection of your own mind.

When you know someone (personally or not) who inspires you, that reveals some of your own ideals.

Likewise, when you think of someone who triggers you and brings up feelings of anger, guilt, or resentment, that also illuminates traits in yourself that you don't like or may want to ignore.

By consciously curating all of your relationships – supportive or not – you get a glimpse into your own mind.

But if energy teaches us anything, it's always transforming, evolving, and changing.

So you have an opportunity, right now, starting today to consciously and positively curate your relationships to illuminate the map of your mind.

And in doing so, you will forge connections with people that lift you up, support you, and, in turn, you get to return the favor.

Likewise, relationships that aren't as supportive tend to fade away - either through external circumstances or through your own conscious choice and voice.

So, without any further delay, here's your "ideal" prompt Part 3 for today:

"Describe what your ideal personal relationship is like."

Let me know what you came up with.

Because when you share your ideals with others, that's the first step towards bringing them to life.

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