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Exploring Your Ideals: Part 1

Welcome to the New Year!

I can sense your temptation.

There's this pressure to catch up from a holiday break that, perhaps subconsciously, you believe you didn't fully earn or deserve.

It's a rush to move from "behind-ness," a sense of "lack," or the fear of "missing out," and then using stress energy to fix it all – to "catch up."

I'm no stranger to this pattern: the need to prove my value repeatedly because I felt I hadn't done enough or believed I wasn't good enough.

Now, I invite you to consider this pattern and honestly answer if you can relate.

Because we're going to stop that pattern...together...starting today and continuing throughout the week.

Not because this pattern is bad or wrong. But because we are so much more than the lack we believe ourselves to be.

So, how do we break this pattern?

If you've ever painted before, you'll know about "stepping back." You create distance between yourself and your painting to see it clearly.

I "stepped back" over the holidays and answered a deep question: "What's my mission?"

After a lot of journaling, an interesting answer emerged:

"To become the ideal version of myself and inspire others to do the same."

That's how we're going to break this pattern; by identifying a handful of "ideals" in your life for you to embody.

Here's your "ideal" prompt for today:

"What is your ideal relationship like with your boss?"

Reflect on your current boss, an unknown future boss, or even revisit a boss from the past.

If you want to write out full sentences, go for it. If you want to jot down a handful of single words (e.g., autonomy, trust, collaborative), that works too.

Feel free to share your ideals with me. I'd love to hear more about your ideal self.

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