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Forgive and Reclaim

I had lost my enthusiasm.

I had lost my confidence.

I had lost control of the vision I held so tenderly.

I was reduced to busy work.

And I allowed it all to happen.

I never said, "no."

I was operating out of fear; we all were.

I was nowhere near my zone of excellence; forget about my zone of genius.


This disconnect with our power happens to far too many of us, far too often.

If we let it happen, pressure from leadership pulls us out of our potential.

And it's no one's fault.

There's actually nothing wrong with this result.

Now, I share this part of my story not to blame or attract sympathy.

I share it because it's how I interpreted what I experienced - I own that. And I know that I'm not the only one who's had a similar experience.

So what do we do about it?

The short answer is: whatever we want.

But the more useful answer is: forgive and reclaim.

Forgive leadership when they operate out of fear. It's incredibly natural and we've all done the same thing at some point.

Forgive yourself for giving your power away. You did the best you could. You're always doing the best you can otherwise you would be doing better.

Reclaim your right to operate in your zone of excellence.

Reclaim with enthusiasm, passion, and love in your soul to operate in your zone of genius!

Be the guiding light that lovingly reminds others that we don't have to work, make decisions, or operate out of fear alone.

Let fear inform what's worth protecting, of course. Thank the fear. Ensure that what needs protecting is indeed protected. And then advocate for your right to do your very best work from your zones of excellence and genius.

This is a form of managing up, nay *leading* up that shifts an entire culture.

But it's up to you decide if you're ready to forgive and reclaim.

Are you ready?

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