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Fixing What's Broken

I want to share something with you that can radically change your life.

Especially if you're a "fixer" like I've been...

I had a deep conversation with my friend, Tommy Lewis. He's a heart-centered leader, a master of his craft, and a downright brilliant coach.

I uncovered three perspectives within that were so transformational, I had to share them with you.

Feel into them. Take you're time. There's no rush...

1. It's not my responsibility to fix everything.
– So much of my career focused on fixing things: software engineering, IT, technical support, people management, product management, director, executive... and that spilled over into my personal life, too.
– Overtaking responsibility not only drained me, but it frankly didn't work.

2. Not everything that's broken needs to be fixed.
– If there's something acute with a clear solution in the moment, by all means fix it (like a cut on the arm or a leaking fish tank).
– Not everything has a simple fix, though. Sometimes, what would serve most is to give SPACE to what's broken.
– Slow your roll. Take in multiple opinions, explore subtle opportunities, and consider how what seems "broken" is actually a gift (like the Japanese art of kintsugi).

3. In reality, nothing is broken.
– Everything is...
– Everything has a purpose...
– And everything changes... Instead of perceiving things as "broken," realize that you have a superpower: to be a part of the change.
– Exude positive influence. Be an inspiration. And purposefully participate in change.
These perspectives can enhance your relationship with your boss (i.e. managing up), your colleagues, your family, and your friends.

If you felt the power of these beliefs and see their potential, tell me all about it!

Email me and share your story as a "fixer" like I've been, and what these beliefs can do for you. I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that they can make as big of a difference for you as they've done for me.

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