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You Don't Need To Diminish Your Light Anymore

I see you there.

There's a place in you that's full of bright optimism, creative solutions, and a desire to see yourself and others around you succeed.

Many appreciate it.

Others are annoyed by it ;-p

But that "light" inside is diminishing.

You're not showing up like you used to, and you're not sure what's happening.

Or maybe you know exactly what's going're unsuccessfully managing your boss, colleagues, or direct reports.

You've been able to handle this before. Usually by amplifying your optimism and heart while looking for new solutions.

But it's not working.

That's because it requires thinking differently in ways you haven't explored yet.

It asks you to let go of what's worked for you in the past and become a beginner again — and that excites you (and makes you nervous at the same time)!

So if you're looking for tactics on how to better manage up, down, left or right, this is not the place. But if you want answers, let's keep going...

Becoming the leader you want to be is unique to YOU.

Which is why I focus on supporting light-leaders like you 1:1.

The "solution" you're looking for is here and now, and it's staring at you in the mirror.

I act like a mirror, holding space and reflecting back to you what's working, what isn't, and what changes it'll take to become the ideal leader you want to become.

Because you're missing that bright optimism, those creative solutions, and that innate desire for success...and so are the people you work with.

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