Manage Up Coaching

My Definition of Managing Up

When some people think about managing up, often, strategies and tactics come to mind.

Communication strategies, productivity strategies, organizational strategies.

And that's true; improving your communication, productivity, and organizational skills will do wonders for improving your relationship with your boss.

When I think of managing up, I take an additional perspective.

It's harder and takes more work.

It requires more honesty and vulnerability.

Me definition of managing up is developing the ability to be who you really are consistently, regardless of who you're interacting with and what "level" their role is.

Here's how I came that definition.

When I was not managing up effectively, I was so far out of alignment with who I really am - my ideal self - that I didn't recognize who I was.

I was fearful, reactive, confused, unfocused, shameful, and lacked confidence.

Fortunately, I've been very blessed with the experience of managing up fully with my true self.

When I do so, I am fearless, passionate, confident, clear on what's most important, creative, full of ideas, solutions, productive, and, perhaps most importantly, strongly motivated to see others succeed.

As one friend and colleague explained it when he experienced me in this way, "I thought you were bulletproof!"

So, yes, when I support people to succeed with managing up, we may explore communication, productivity, and organizational approaches.

But my true mission and focus is to bring you back in alignment with who you really are and watch in awe as you show up with your boss, executives, board members, peers, direct reports, friends, and family as you...the real you...the one who embodies all of your greatness and potential – the person you love to be!

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