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Are You Pouring Your Energy Into a "Cracked Bowl"?

You have such a good heart. You have the best of intentions.

Honestly, what you really want is to work with a company that's meaningful to you, with people you enjoy working with, and creating things that you love to make.

Is that so much to ask? Seems like it.

And when it's not that way, what do you do?


You pour yourself into making things "better." And then things don't get better (in fact, they seem even worse). It's disheartening and draining.

Your energy is like water that you're pouring into a cracked bowl.

You keep pouring, but the energy leaks out.

But what happens if you stop–either by choice or by running out of energy?

Eventually, everything that you've been pouring in drains away.

And you're left with a "bowl," a role, a career, or relationships that are no longer in use.

The bowl becomes an artifact; a relic of your past.

It wasn't your job to fix the bowl, but I know you took responsibility for it. You tried to fix it. But it still wasn't your job.

So now what?

1. Find Another Opportunity, Company, Manager, or Role that Becomes your New "Bowl."
– Something that you can pour yourself into again. One that can hold your amazing energy, appreciates it, and doesn't leave you feeling drained.

2. Manage Your Energy.
– You're a "bowl," too! There are "leaks" in the form of limiting beliefs, self-doubt, fear, anger, and complacency.
– However, if you pour your creative, innovative, and inspiring energy into a company that's still "cracked," BUT you're fully charged (and have ways of re-energizing), you'll influence change that transforms your company, boss, colleagues, and work to their greatest potential.
– Not because you need to change things. Not because they're broken. And certainly not because it's your responsibility. But because you CAN...and you WANT to!

3. Give Space
– This might be a lot to take in. This may be "hitting too close to home" as a great friend of mine recently shared about my posts.
– There's nothing that needs to change right now. Give yourself, your situation, your boss, your work, and your relationships SPACE...
– Do what needs to be done, but honor yourself enough to "step back" and reflect. Journal on this question...
"What's really going on at this point in my life?" Be honest. Be brave. You've got this...I'm here for you.

Sending you all the Love, Light, and Warm Wishes in the world.

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