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Your relationship with your boss operates as a two-way street – a fact that I've both taken for granted and, at times, completely forgotten.

Few relationships wield the power to make me feel as empowered, creative, and free, as well as insufficient, ineffective, and not good enough as my relationship with my bosses over the years.

But here's what I've learned...

Merely because your boss holds a position of 'authority' does not mandate your submission or supplication.

It's a pivotal relationship, arguably one of the most significant you'll ever forge.

However, for many of us, managing this relationship proves challenging.

Decades of cultural conditioning urge us to 'please the boss'; where their success reflects onto you and your team.

Further conditioning tells us that the boss somehow possesses all the knowledge and answers.

And this dynamic relationship can turn on a dime. Your boss today may not be your boss tomorrow. Predicting your future boss is impossible.

Hence, it falls upon you to be the dynamic, creative, energetic, communicative, and masterful relationship builder in a way that's authentic and in alignment with your values.

This is a relationship worth cultivating—repeatedly.

Now's the time to develop the necessary skills.

The beauty lies in starting with the individual you have the most control over—yourself.

Begin by improving your relationship with your perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

As these shift towards enthusiasm, excitement, creativity, and joy, you automatically wield positive influence over other relationships, including with your boss.

One effective technique is to affirm what you want to think and believe, even if you don't fully embrace it as 'true' yet.

Think of it as trying on a shirt before purchasing—wear it, notice how you feel, then decide.

Here are some 'thought shirts' for you to try on:

It may seem too simple or silly, but I encourage you not to dismiss it until you've given it a shot.

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